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Proper Dental Routine for Your Children, New York, NY

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Practicing proper dental hygiene during childhood is essential for the overall growth of children. Not only does it allow them to have healthy teeth, but it also helps them develop the confidence they need when dealing with others. Having healthy teeth also means that they can eat foods they need for their overall health without any restrictions.Developing a proper dental routine benefit as they age. It may be hard to handle children regarding teaching them new things, but trying to make everything fun can get their attention. It is advised by dentists to assist children while brushing until the age of 7 or 8. Teaching the children with proper techniques can ensure that they can effectively brush their teeth.We at Tribeca North Dentistry help parents in the proper dental care of their children with the help of our Pediatric Dentistry Services. We can provide the proper techniques in practicing good dental hygiene and care.

Practices To Promote Proper Dental Hygiene For Children

Brushing Their Teeth Twice a Day

  • Brushing is a basic yet essential practice to teach the children. It is advised to perform the first brushing in the morning after waking up. Its purpose is to remove the bacterias that have accumulated on the child’s mouth during sleep. The second one is before going to sleep which ensures the removal of the bacterias that gathered on the mouth during the day.
  • Teach them not to disregard any areas in the mouth such as the tongue, gums, and the roof of the mouth (palate).
  • Brushing in circular motions lets them effectively clean their teeth and gums.
  • To make the activity enticing, try to make the children use an electric toothbrush, sparkly toothpaste, or cartoon character designs on the toothbrush. It may peak their interest by making the activity exciting and enjoyable.

Flossing Their Teeth Once a Day

  • Teach your children the proper and safe way of using the floss to remove the foods or plaque in between the teeth.
  • Instruct them the proper pressure to be applied; it is to avoid causing pain or blood.
  • Choose the Floss which are in different flavors or color. This way, the children can enjoy flossing each day.

Proper Mouth Rinsing

  • Using water or mouthwash (depending on their age) lets them practice proper rinsing to make sure that all food particles will be removed.
  • Let them know that it helps in keeping their mouth smell fresh.

Make proper dental hygiene and care practices enjoyable by performing it with the whole family. Try to spice things up a bit by turning it into a competition on who can brush the longest. Just take note that proper brushing should be at least two minutes.Your child deserves outstanding dental care services. Book your appointment with us at Tribeca North Dentistry and let us help them achieve beautiful, healthy, and lasting teeth with Pediatric Dentistry in New York and surrounding areas.

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