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Brighten Your Smiles in New York With Teeth Whitening!

BY tribeca north dentistry

Nowadays people are concerned about their looks. Those who have imperfections tend to avoid other people, but this is not always possible. It goes mainly to those people who need to engage with others on a regular basis like at school or work. With dentistry, it is possible to undergo dental treatments to help correct several dental problems and boost patients confidence.Tribeca North Dentistry understands the need for comprehensive treatments to achieve a brighter and healthier smile with the help of Teeth Whitening. The procedure can help in correcting teeth discolorations which have several effects for the patient’s overall dental health.

What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

It is a noninvasive and in-office teeth whitening procedure performed by a dental professional. The treatment is known to whiten teeth more efficiently and effectively. It helps in breaking down the stains which cause teeth discoloration for brighter and whiter teeth. Stains can be caused by foods and beverages which have a dark color, smoking, medications, genetics, and even aging. The teeth have pores which can eventually absorb the dark colors from the foods and beverages taken regularly. Discolorations affect not only the teeth’s appearance but also the wearer of the smile. It may lead to self-consciousness and loss of confidence. Once this happens, the overall well-being of patients is at risk.

How is Zoom Teeth Whitening Performed?

  • Before deciding that Zoom Teeth Whitening is ideal for a patient’s condition, consultation should occur first. At this time, the dentist can discuss the benefits that can be provided by the treatment. Proper dental hygiene, care, and habits would also be addressed to ensure that the patient can maintain the result of the treatments.
  • Once the treatment plan is determined, the dentist will then require the patient to undergo regular dental cleaning before the Zoom whitening treatment. It helps in removing some of the buildups on the teeth surface for a more effective result.
  • The gums and lips are covered only leaving the teeth exposed.
  • The hydrogen peroxide gel will then be applied directly to the teeth three times for 15 minutes by the dentist and exposed to a special light which helps the solution in penetrating the teeth to break down stains and buildups. The treatment takes at least 45 minutes.

Zoom Teeth Whitening is efficient and effective in whitening the teeth, but the results could not last forever. The patient must follow the tips and advice provided by the dentist for the proper care and maintenance to maintain the whitening effects of the treatment.Zoom! Teeth Whitening in New York can completely transform a patient’s smile and self-confidence. Don't wait any longer! Schedule your appointment at Tribeca North Dentistry for teeth whitening or other types of dental services.

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