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Mouthguards in New York: Protecting Your Child’s Teeth in Back to School Sports

BY tribeca north dentistry

Most children are found to be energetic; they love to play, run, do physical activities and join sports in school. School sports offer a great opportunity to achieve physical fitness which can benefit the children in the long run. However, sports have a high-impact which can cause facial lacerations, injuries, chipped tooth or even tooth loss. Mouth injuries are inevitable for athletes especially when they participate in contact sports. Trauma and injuries in the mouth should be prevented since it can potentially harm the lips, teeth, cheeks and gum tissues which may lead to oral complications. Here at Tribeca North Dentistry, we provide custom-made mouthguards that precisely fits over the child’s teeth comfortably without affecting their breathing and speech. With this, dental issues can be prevented and overall dental health is preserved.

What is a Mouthguard?

It is a flexible, custom-fitted appliance worn over the teeth to protect it from any harm and damage caused by strong facial impact. Mouthguards act as a protective barrier for the teeth and soft tissues in the mouth. Mouth injuries may require extensive and expensive procedures which may take time to heal that is why it is essential to protect the mouth to reduce the risk of dental injuries.

Benefits of Mouthguard

  • Prevent Dental Issues

Children who engage in sports have the higher risk of experiencing dental trauma due to blows, or impact to the mouth. Mouthguards are protective plastic barriers designed to shield the teeth against strong facial blows.

  • Protect Dental Works

Some children who are in sports may have a bridge work, restoration or braces which increases the importance of having a mouth guard. Any facial impact can damage previous dental work, brackets and other dental appliances which can cause abrasions and dental issues. A mouthguard can prevent such problems by acting as a protective device between the soft tissues and orthodontic appliances.

  • Avoid Serious Injuries

Mouthguards act as a barrier preventing the contact of both upper and lower jaw to prevent serious injuries such as jaw fracture, cerebral hemorrhage, and neck injuries.Performing precautionary measures instead of acting too late are essential for the maintenance of your child’s over dental health. Mouthguards can protect your children’s teeth during sports for them enjoy their childhood while having a beautiful and healthy smile.Get added protection to your teeth. Book your appointment with Tribeca North Dentistry! Avail of our Dental Mouth Guards in Tribeca New York. Visit us at 78 Laight Street, New York, NY 10013.

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