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Traditional Braces: Old But Gold in New York

BY tribeca north dentistry

Let us go back to the days when advancement in the field of dentistry is not as wide and rapid as today, and the only orthodontic braces treatment option of someone who wants to correct their bite is getting Traditional Braces. No clear aligners yet, just fancy yet effective braces with metal brackets and wires connected with colorful elastics. Today, traditional braces are nearly faced-out and are even underappreciated. I bet, given someone a chance to choose between traditional braces and among other orthodontic braces options, they would probably prefer traditional braces as being the least of their choices. However, despite the current advancement and innovations in dentistry, there are reasons why traditional braces are still not out on the list of the services that every dental clinic are providing, reasons that will make you go back to your first love, your metal braces.Tribeca North Dentistry offers different Braces Treatment from Traditional or Metal Braces to Clear Aligners to give patients a wide option for correcting their bites and perfecting their teeth.

Your traditional braces may be old, but it will remain gold. Among all the other orthodontic treatment options, traditional braces are the most effective in treating severe bite and teeth issues. The power of your bulky metal brackets and wires is not only limited in targeting your misaligned teeth but can address extreme teeth problems as well such as overcrowded teeth making it the most reliable among the other braces treatments. Also, traditional braces are not as expensive as the other braces treatment. You will no longer have to spend a big amount of money to achieve your ideal teeth. Traditional braces, therefore, is a budget-friendly option. With regards to its appearance, traditional braces are way fancier hence convincing your child to opt for braces will make easier. For adults, do not ever think that traditional braces will give you an unattractive appearance because elastic colors if properly chosen will add brightness to the teeth. You do not have to worry of misplacing or losing your set of traditional braces because unlike clear aligners that are removable, traditional braces are attached to the teeth and are not removable unless the dentist will make some adjustments to it. Yes, social stigma with traditional braces may be hard to escape, but the shreds of evidence are clear why investing in traditional braces is still worth it.Aim for a better and brighter smile. Book your appointment with us at Tribeca North Dentistry for your Braces Needs in NY. We are located at 78 Laight Street, New York, NY 10013.

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